Soil health

Unlocking your soils potential

As well as integral to the future of our planet, soil health is at the heart of sustainable agriculture - helping plants to achieve their potential, protecting watercourses and recycling organic matter.

As a business, we support this so strongly that we have launched our own dedicated initiative, Agrovista Soil Health.

Agrovista Soil Health is for all areas of our portfolio including fruit, and focuses on three key soil properties - chemical, physical and biological, all of which contribute to the yield potential of a crop.

The service provides a comprehensive soil health report including practical solutions to help growers manage soils for the benefit of farm profitability and soil stability.

Prioritising soil health in this way can have a positive effect on even the most niche of crops. This is demonstrated by the work being conducted by consultant viticulturist Penny Meadmore, to support the establishment of new vineyards.