Our charity partners

Our charity partners

Agrovista forged a partnership with two major agricultural charities in 2022, the Farming Community Network (FCN) and RSABI (Scotland), to support farmers and their families through the challenges and changes the agricultural sector is experiencing. Using our wide network, we aim to support the direct lines of communication between farmers who are heading towards or experiencing difficulties and the charities, whether that be business, mental or physical health, family or farm related.

The move dovetails perfectly with our #ForOurGrowers campaign, launched in 2021, celebrating the hard work of all involved in British farming and highlighting the integral role the company plays in helping them to put food on the nations’ tables and to highlight the company’s support for the sector.

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the farming community network agrovista partner

Farming Community Network (FCN)

FCN is a voluntary organisation and charity that supports farmers and families within the farming community through difficult times.

Founded in 1995, the charity has evolved from just responding to farmers in crisis to providing a more proactive service encouraging farmers to seek help before their situations worsen and helping them to manage change and plan ahead.

FCN can help you or someone you know on 03000 111 999 (7am-11pm 365 days of the year) or email help@fcn.org.uk. Visit www.fcn.org.uk for more information.

rsabi supporting people in scottish agriculture


RSABI provides practical, emotional, and financial support to those in need involved in the Scottish agricultural industry. This is a comprehensive service to help the farming community to move forward when they are struggling.

Founded in 1897, the charity has evolved over the years developing a more rounded effective service, from predominantly financial to practical and emotional support, helping the Scottish farming community to move forward.

RSABI’s can be contacted confidentially on 0808 1234 555 (24 hours a day, 365 days of the year or via email at helpline@rsabi.co.uk. Visit www.rsabi.org.uk for more information. 

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