Tomsystem plant clipping system

Tomsystem is an innovative plant clipping system

Essentially secures plant stems to vertically hung twine using galvanised metal staples.

This new and improved clipping tool enables tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines to be secured quickly and easily, making it the most efficient machine on the market.

It is the only securing method for greenhouse crops that enables 1,500 plants per hour to be clipped by one person.

  • New and improved clipping tool
  • A more effective, lighter and faster way to secure greenhouse crops
tomsystems clipping system with galvanised stables

How it works

The tool fastens staples onto the twine and around the stem of the plant to ensure vertical growth, avoiding stem damage while at the same time achieving a high clipping speed.


Galvanised steel staple, 1.2 mm thick and 22 mm in diameter when closed, ideal for greenhouse twine secured crops.

Staples available in galvanised steel V46 as standard and non-galvanised steel V46 BB perfect for organic crops.

Download a copy of the brochure here.


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