Fruit insight

Fruit Insight uses the latest technology to provide live weather data, coupled with Rimpro disease prediction software to gain vital information helping growers take a renewed approach to sustainable crop protection and potential risks.

Available on the Agrovista Insight app. Updated every 30 minutes allowing you to maximise control and minimise your costs.


Fruit Insight gives you access to

  • Local weather data recorded and 10 day weather forecast
  • Apple scab: spore release. Primary and secondary infection periods
  • Codling moth: female flight, mating, egg laying and larval emergence
  • Fireblight: intensity of infection periods
  • Neonectria canker: infection periods and wound infectibility
  • Apple sawfly: female activity, egg deposition, larval development and the optimum time to apply control

In addition, Fruit Insight helps you time your applications to perfection and eliminate unnecessary applications. And allows the user to input scab spray programs in order to determine residual coverage and length of curative activity.

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  • Reduce residues
  • Reduce input costs
  • Time applications to perfection
  • Avoid unnecessary applications
  • Comply with assured produce schemes
  • Maximise product efficacy and efficiency

What makes Fruit insight different to other subscription services is that it includes text message alerts to major events.

Subscribers also have telephone access to an Agrovista agronomist for further support, as well as on farm advisory visits.

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