Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra

Ready-made amino acids to aid stress recovery, and boost crop establishment

Terra-Sorb® Foliar Extra contains a blend of plant-based amino acids and trace elements. By providing a plant with readily available amino acids, known as the building blocks of protein, it can improve the use of its existing resources, and be more energy efficient. This is a key factor when it comes to mitigating stress and overcoming high demand periods such as establishment and biomass building.

Amino acids don’t all serve the same purpose, and can be active at different levels, so play critical roles in many components of plant physiology. This includes stress reduction, cell wall stabilisation, nutrient transfer, flower stimulation and improving grain quality.

By utilising a unique Enzyneer® extraction process based on enzymatic hydrolysis, Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra provides plants with all 18 essential L-amino acids in the naturally biologically active L form. This results in higher protein quality and a greater diversity of available amino acids.

And because plants treated with biostimulants often display a significant increase in root mass and length, the absorptive surface area for nutrients is also increased, resulting in improved uptake.

wheat establishment with terra-sorb foliar extra

Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra offers the following benefits:

  • Improved energy usage and stress tolerance
  • Supports establishment and plant development
  • Increased root and shoot biomass
  • Improved nutrient and water utilisation

Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra trials

Trials at Stoughton have shown that applications of Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra result in consistent improvements in yield across a range of leading wheat seed varieties, with an average of +0.53t/ha.

Yield response in wheat across varieties

yeild response for winter wheat increases with terra sorb

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What this means to you

In early season cereal crop development, Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra elongates leaves and roots, resulting in stronger and more robust plants compared to untreated.

Agrovista farm trials have also shown that an application of Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra up to GS31 can reduce screening levels in spring barley grown for distilling, helping to mitigate screening deductions. It has also been shown to increase uptake of manganese, zinc and copper when applied alongside suitable trace elements, particularly when the crop is under stress. This boosts yield potential, even more critical when nitrogen applications are restricted to achieve the low grain nitrogen required for distilling.

In grassland, trials showed that just five days post application of Terra-Sorb Foliar Extra, an 18.5% increase in dry matter kg/ha was shown – which equates to an additional 687kg dm/ha.


terra sorb application rates for wheat

5 days post application 18.5% increase in dry matter equalling 687kg dry matter per hectare with terra-sorb foliar extra