Top fruit

Our top fruit agronomists, combine conventional and biological control methods with specialist technical advice.

World renowned for being leaders in tree fruit production, British growers supply some of the very best products.

To support this, our top fruit agronomists provide advice on canopy management, selection of planting systems, fruit storage, variety choice and pest, disease and weed management, to ensure customers produce the best quality fruit.

Whether it’s preventing codling moth damage, mitigating potential scab risk or reducing the visual impact of russeting, our team is proactive and ready to address the issues that matter to your business.

By offering a rounded approach that combines both conventional and biological controls, growers are able to successfully operate within legislative boundaries, optimising their inputs and improving efficiency. This is backed by sound technical support – identifying the value of the latest product innovations, to help understand the real-life real-orchard value.

Alex radu fruit agronomist holding a pear

Tom agrovista fruit agronomist

Fruit pest and disease control

The advice farmers receive on pest and disease control is based on thorough monitoring of crops, and on the use of up-to-date computer modelling techniques, using the Agrovista Growers Choice Interactive (GCI) modelling service. This ensures the most efficient, timely and effective use of plant protection products. Advice also aims to maximise the use of post-harvest treatments and cultural control methods, championing Integrated Pest Management (IPM).