3 ALO t6p

A unique foliar treatment that maximises seed and grain filling to optimise yield potential.

3 ALO t6p contains a precursor of the sugar Trehalose-6-Phosphate (T6P), which regulates important metabolic and developmental processes within plants. This includes carbon fixation and balancing the concentration of carbohydrates, particularly sucrose. As the main fuel generated by photosynthesis, sucrose is key to the development of cereal grains.

By relocating carbohydrates into grain within the kernel or seed and providing more T6P, this has a positive effect on crop yield, whilst improving the response to environmental stresses such as drought.

This product is not currently available for malting barley.

3 ALO t6p offers the following benefits:

  • Increased yield through improved grain management
  • Improved management of stresses, particularly drought

Proof of concept trials

A proof of concept study by Rothamsted Research and Oxford University further supports the use of t6p in cereal crops.

When t6p precursor molecules were applied to wheat, a ‘pulse’ was created. This resulted in sucrose being drawn into the grain to make starch, which increased grain size and yield by 20 per cent.

The study also demonstrated that t6p can enhance a plant’s drought recovery, helping farmers to overcome difficult seasons more easily in the future.


Grower trials

Trials conducted by Agrovista in Northamptonshire show a measurable increase in yield (t/ha) following the application of 3 ALO t6p to spring cereals.

Yield (t/ha)

Yield response over untreated


Other features

  • Tank mixable
  • 10L pack size
  • Must be applied to manganese and boron sufficient crops only