A Step Up for Variable rate application

A new partnership between Agrovista and farming solutions developer OneSoil offers growers access to advanced precision agriculture software to optimise input usage and increase yields.

OneSoil Pro uses multiple sources of information to create highly accurate variable rate maps that enable growers to capitalise on recent advances in application technology.

Data processing

The platform processes up to seven years of existing satellite imagery to analyse individual fields, taking into account NDVI (vegetation index), soil brightness (soil type), and elevation maps.

Yield maps and control strips

Yield maps can also be uploaded to enable the software to generate a yield report for different zones, aiding decision-making further. OneSoil Pro also sets up control strips automatically within separate productivity zones.

Variable rate applications

Variable rate seed and nitrogen applications are the primary focus initially, with options to split fields into 3, 5, or 7 productivity zones for better establishment and even crop distribution.

Soil Sampling

Agrovista plans to use OneSoil Pro for soil sampling points, based on productivity zones, offering a more accurate way of targeting remedial measures across the field.

With the potential for significant yield increases and affordability, OneSoil Pro presents an innovative solution for growers looking to optimise their input usage and improve crop performance.

“Given the importance of good soil sampling, and now with SFI funding available for soil management planning, it makes sense to incorporate this into the OneSoil Pro offer.

Variable Rate Nitrogen paybacks are still potentially very good without SFI funding – at current values a 3% yield increase on an 8t/ha crop of wheat would be worth £40/ha uplift in return.” 

Richard Dulake, Agrovista Precision Farming Specialist