Lamport AgX 2021

Lamport AgX (formerly Project Lamport) demonstrates innovative, practicable, profitable solutions using everyday commercial farm equipment. The actions and results are there to be seen, scrutinised and challenged, whether its grassweeds, soil health benefits or both.

lamport agx logo in blue the x has an image of a wheat crop establishing in it

X marks the spot

Lamport AgX our showpiece trial site is located in West Northamptonshire. Approximately 8 miles south of Market Harborough and 8 miles north of Northampton.


Lamport AgX has evolved from being a site demonstrating crop rotations, cultivations and innovative use of crops to help with blackgrass control and enable the field to remain in production, to become something much bigger.

Lamport AgX is now a major resource looking at many aspects of soil health comparing different levels, types and depths of cultivations, use of covercrops, their make-up, establishment methods and time destruction, both for demonstration, but also as fully replicated trials as part of a PhD study.

There are also several other projects on the site which if successful could also have positive soil health and enviromental benefits, eg. looking at reducing prilled nitrogen inputs, and supplying part of the nitrogen requirement from a more targeted and efficient source in conjunction with endophyte treatments.