Perfect pollination

Giving nature a helping hand

Without pollinators such as bees, there would be no fruit crops in the first place, but sometimes, we need to give nature a helping hand.

By working with Koppert UK, we provide customers with the highest quality pollinators to supplement natural colonies. This ensures that successful pollination and fruit set is achieved to support indoor and outdoor crop production. We also recommend introductions in pears and cherries too.

Koppert’s Natupol Bombus terrestris audax colonies are prepared ready for spring flowering, working a range of indoor and outdoor crops. They work by releasing worker bees to pollinate the crop, supported by more workers born in the weeks after their introduction from a strong brood provided within the hive.

The hives are designed based on the way bumblebees see, making them easier for the bees to find and therefore improving productivity.

bumble bee pollinating a flower

Natupol: best value for your money!

Koppert’s flagship pollination product proven to outperform competitors in this field.

Natupol Excel: high performance pollination

Specifically developed for crops with a high number of flowers per m2, crops grown under artificial light, reduced daylight conditions or in warmer environments.

box of natupol booster of super mature colonies

Natupol booster

Developed specifically for outdoor crops requiring high powered supplementary pollination over a short period of time, this audax hive contains super mature colonies for maximum activity, and a life of 4 weeks.



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