AgX Draughton

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AgX Draughton is located in Northamptonshire 10 miles north of Northampton.

AgX Draugton is a 4 hectare trial site consisting of 1600 small plots.


The trials cover many different types of inputs including, varieties seed treatments (incuding endophytes). There are also a number of plots investigating fungicides on varieties selected to target both Septoria and yellow rust. With additional trials looking into the use of elicitors, biostimulants and nitrogen inputs.


AgX - Farming for the future

Using regenerative and traditional practices to achieve a sustainable profit for growers.


We innovate, push boundaries, discover new methods and develop alternative practices – helping lay solid foundations for the future. Increasing soil health, plant health and biological diversity #ForOurGrowers.


We are proud to welcome you to see the exclusive work taking place at location AgX. The actions and results are there to be seen, scrutinised and challenged.

X marks the spot

AgX trials are located across the country, we have ‘local’ understanding and insight, alongside our national coverage.