PCN sampling

Potato cyst nematode mapping

Potato cyst nematode is one of the most damaging pests of potato crops. Correct sampling is vital to successfully assess the population spread and reduce the risk of damage.

PCN sampling is carried out on a 1 hectare grid map, analysing 200g samples. This is the optimum technique, in line with AHDB guidance. Any other approach is not deemed sufficiently accurate.

Standard service

  • Cyst and egg count including total, dead and full
  • 49 cores/ha
  • 200g soil analysed

Additional services

  • Speciation
  • Free-living nematode
  • Tobacco rattle virus
  • Nutrient analysis

What is involved

  • Provide fields to your agronomist or precision specialist
  • Let your precision specialist know which way you plan to plant fields
  • Ensure we know what analysis you require. We can advise you on what we think is best
  • Your precision specialist will plot the sampling grids for our soil samplers
  • We will provide you a detailed report so you can clearly see any issues

This service is used mainly for PCN sampling and can also be used for one-off applications of nematicide. Analysis for free-living nematode and tobacco rattle virus can be added for a more detailed view of your fields.

Nutrient analysis can also be carried out and variable rate applications made.

scan of a field showing the ammound of cyst andegg counts on a field colour coded for higher numbers in orange and none in green