Calfite Extra

Improve crop rooting

Calfite Extra is a unique foliar nutrient complex designed to improve crop rooting and maximise nutrient uptake and utilisation from the soil.

Calfite Extra improves the crop’s phosphorus use efficiency, delivering calcium through the leaf into the plant.

What does it do?

This true biostimulant delivers a multitude of effects depending upon dose, timing, programme and crop species and provides efficient foliar delivery of phosphorus and calcium fertiliser. It contains 19%v P2O5 and 11% Ca based on the phosphite form of P.

It has the lowest salt index of all phosphites, making it the safest formulation, while its formulation stablises the phosphite, preventing oxidation to phosphate.

Includes L-PGA to enhance optimum nutrient use efficiency.

How does it do it?

The phosphite component tricks the plant into thinking that it’s in a phosphorus deficiency situation, so the plant responds by increasing root length, biomass and activity (exudation).


  • Increases root and shoot development
  • Increases root exudation
  • Enhances frost tolerance
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Enhances secondary metabolism via the shikimic acid pathway to produce folate and amino acids
  • Improves flavours, colours and brix levels
  • Increases grain set and ultimate yield
return on investment of £71/ha winter wheat £71/ha oilseed rape


  • Increases phosphorus delivery to the plant through increased root exudation
  • Increases phosphorus use efficiency
  • Increases soil microbial health and biomass
  • Minimises chance of crop phytotoxicity
  • Convenient formulation for tank mixing - unique ability to mix with copper
  • Enhances yield/quality


Crop Timing Dose*
Cereals Key growth stages 0.5-1.0l/ha
OSR Key growth stages 0.75-1.0l/ha
Potatoes Planting and key growth stages 1.0-2.0l/ha
Sugar and fodder beet Key growth stages 1.0-2.0l/ha
Pulses Second node and onset of flowering 1.0l/ha
Maize GS 13-16 (add zinc) 1.0l/ha
Fruit Key growth stages 2.0-3.0l/ha
Vegetables Planting and key growth stages 1.0-2.0l/ha
Grass and forage crops GS 12-16 1.0l/ha

*For most applications


The response over untreated for Calfite Extra in winter wheat.calfite extra yield increases post appliation compared to untreated