Variable rate controllers

The Agrovista Machine Control (AMC) GPS system.

Load your variable rate maps and let the AMC take the reins as you drive around the field.

With variable width and adaptive rate control, and an added option for guidance, there is also an option for the AMC variable rate only system.


  • Compact 7” LCD display
  • Guidance option
  • Built-in terrain compensation
  • Headland guidance
  • Straight line and curve AB lines
  • Field area measurement and field recognition
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Job recording
  • Optional auto shut-off


  • Cost-effective solution for most tractors and application equipment
  • Easy to use, load your variable rate maps in minutes

What is involved

  • Load and utilise variable rate prescriptions. Your Agrovista precision specialist will aid with setting this up with your spreader.
  • Select the guidance option and you can utilise the AMC for straight line guidance.
agrovista machine control, amc  screen showing setup and sync jobs