Vigour mapping

Vigour mapping

Excessive shoot growth can adversely affect flowering potential and quality so must be effectively controlled to balance vegetative growth and fruit bud set.

PGRs may be required on vigorous varieties such as Bramley, or where areas have been frosted and you want to control the growth.

Agrovista’s new vigour mapping service measures crop height, vegetation index and vigour using a drone, offering rapid identification of areas that require attention. Flights commence as soon as extension growth is visible, around the end of June.

Sensing is primarily aimed at PGR applications, but the data can be utilised to determine variable rate nitrogen applications the following spring, to reduce or increase vigour as required. You may also wish to utilise root pruning, targeting those most vigorous areas of the orchards.

Vigour can vary widely across orchards, depending on factors such as soil type, nutrition, and water availability.

Mapping vigour can help pinpoint poorer areas as well. Using this in conjunction with Agrovista’s Soil Health service can help identify problems and potential solutions.