Seed production

Seed growing contracts

Agrovista UK Ltd is the fastest developing seeds company within the UK and requires new seed growers to service this expanding business

Grower location

With seed processing facilities located in north Lincolnshire, arable farmers with clean ground within the Eastern and Midlands region of the UK are particularly required.

Notwithstanding the above there is also requirement for seed production further afield to safeguard against seed crop damage from localised and extreme weather. Flooding, late-season rain, or early-season drought can all impact on seed production tonnage and quality. Seed growers in the north and southern counties are also welcome.

Field requirement

Agrovista UK Ltd undertakes assessment of new varieties within and alongside the UK national trialling system to identify unique opportunities for UK arable farmers. We therefore have a requirement for all grades of seed production across a range of combinable crops from C2 up to and including Pre-Basic standard, with single and double break previous cropping. Growers experienced in low seed-rate drilling are also of interest.


Developing varieties for UK-wide sale requires a range of on-farm storage capability

  • Bays/bins of up to 1000 tonnes of a single variety and grade
  • Rapid movement of multiple loads – quick loading capability
  • Pre-storage drying facilities or on-floor drying / conditioning systems for storage of spring varieties or over-yearing of winter
  • Stirrer technology or relative humidity drying also beneficial, but not essential


We have a range of pricing structures available to suit most farming enterprises and are always open to alternative proposals where necessary. Specialist production situations will merit unique terms as required.

  • Some opportunity to forward fix base price once crop is established, where markets allow
  • Commitment to take an agreed percentage of the crop at an agreed premium
  • Opportunity to spread risk with malting and milling varieties

Should growers wish to investigate opportunity for seed production on their farm, please contact:

Stuart Cree

Seeds Contracts Manager, Technical Seeds Specialist


M. 07968 309 123