Black Oats and Phacelia

Sprinter-Max benefits from a far higher inclusion rate of phacelia than Sprinter-Pro giving the much greater ground cover potential and greater root biomass in first 12 inches of soil profile. The combination of phacelia with Altesse black oats allows excellent soil conditioning while still helping to dry soils at depth.

Product information:

Sprinter-Max is ideal as both a catch or cover crop. Higher inclusion rates of phacelia ensure excellent ground cover and weed suppression. Phacelia has a complementary root structure to black oats making Sprinter-Max perfect for improving soil structure. Ideal where concerns over pests such as slugs and pea & bean weevil rule out species such as common vetch.

Cover crop destruction guide:

Phacelia should be destroyed before seed set and 6-8 weeks before following crop is drilled.

MixtureBlack Oats and Phacelia
Scottish EFA green cover compliant 2021Yes
Pack Size20 kg
Sowing Rate10 kg/ha
Sowing Depth10-15mm

Sowing Date