Black Oats and Phacelia

The Altesse black oat has a low C:N ratio to allow quick plant breakdown and release of nutrients. The addition of phacelia creates a beneficial root profile which has excellent soil conditioning properties while the Altesse black oat aids soil drying at depth.

Product information:

Sprinter-Pro has been specifically designed to help with problem grass weed situations. Adherance to the principals of the “Lamport System” are crucial to obtain best results. A reduced level of phacelia in this mix ensures grass weeds can still germinate and are able to be destroyed before the following crop is drilled. Care must be taken not to allow the phacelia to set seed.

Cover crop destruction guide:

Glyphosate should be applied 6-8 weeks before drilling the following crop if possible. Second glyphosate application should be applied pre drilling of the following crop to remove small grass weeds.

MixtureBlack Oats and Phacelia
Scottish EFA green cover compliant 2021Yes
Pack Size15 kg
Sowing Rate15 kg/ha
Sowing Depth10-15mm

Sowing Date