Tillage Max

Black Oats and Oil Radish

Oilseed radish works in combination with black oats to provide deep soil penetration and improved drainage. Not suitable in areas where problem blackgrass or ryegrass are an issue.

Product information:

Tillage Max is suitable in rotations where peas and beans have replaced OSR. Avoid where OSR or brassica crops are in rotation. For early sowing reduce seed rate to 20 kg/ha. Check previous herbicide use to ensure no residual damage occurs to the cover crop.

Cover crop destruction guide:

Glyphosate should be applied 6-8 weeks before drilling the following crop if possible. Second glyphosate application should be applied pre drilling of the following crop to remove small grass weeds.

MixtureBlack Oats and Oil Radish
Scottish EFA green cover compliant 2021Yes
Pack Size20 kg
Sowing Rate15 - 25 kg/ha
Sowing Depth10-15 mm

Sowing Date