Variable Rate Controllers

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Variable rate controllers

The Decision Support team have the ability to write data to all major manufacturers’ machinery.
We have technical information on most controllers and have access to manufacturers’
technical contacts.
Agrovista Machine Control (AMC)
We also now have variable rate controllers available for sale. The tablet is android based and
comes as a complete solution to connect to most spreaders and variable rate compatible drills.


If you are unable to controller your kit
variably, we can provide an app free of
charge that will show the variable rate map,
location, rates and percentage rate change.

We are also able to offer an app for
straight line guidance. However, this
free app is android based and does not
offer the greatest accuracy.


The shape of trees to come

Leon Jahae, a leading top fruit consultant working with Agrovista, provides a fascinating insight into how orchard management might evolve over the next few years.


Putting solid science behind cultivations and soil heath advice

A series of multi-season large-scale trials being carried out by Agrovista aim to unearth optimum cultivation and management techniques.


Agrovista ramps up soil studies at flagship trials site

Agrovista has extended its Project Lamport flagship trials in Northamptonshire with an increasing focus on soil health to help growers overcome blackgrass and grow more profitable cereal crops