Veris U3

The next-level in soil scanning

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Veris U3

Veris U3 scanning is the next-level soil scan offered by Agrovista. The Veris U3 is a soil scanner that is towed by a pickup at speeds of up to 16kph, offering accurate and quick measurement of organic matter, electroconductivity(to ascertain soil type) and topography in one pass as continual sets of data.

This service offers more data than standard variation scanning, including nitrogen leach risk, water holding capacity, organic matter and CEC (cation exchange capacity).The data collected on its own will give very good indications of a soil’s characteristics. Combining individual data sets can provide very good indications of a soil’s health and how it may perform under certain conditions. Once data has been collected and calibrated with laboratory results, zones can be created using multiple data sets from the Veris U3 to show:

  • Optimum planting zones
  • Nitrogen leaching zones
  • Nutrient lock up zones
  • Water capacity zones
  • Organic matter zones
  • Soil texture
  • Land topography
  • CEC (cation exchange capacity)


The Veris U3 will collect information about the land it travels over on a particular day. However, the main attributes of soils do not change much over the years. Even where high organic manures are used frequently, it could take up to 10 years to sees light changes in organic matter and soil texture. An organic matter sensor uses soil brightness to detect the OM level. Samples are taken in field for laboratory analysis and Veris calibration. Electroconductivity discs create a circuit in the soil from one end of the machineto the other. The resistance is measured and the soil type can be determined from this. The wider apart the discs, the deeper the conductivity map will be.


Standard Service Includes

    • Veris variation scan including EC and OM
    • Calibrated data
    • Standard maps – soil variation, OM, slope, curve, nitrogen leaching
    • Precision files for soil variation, OM and one-year OM application/ seeding maps
    • Data interpretation
    • Nutrient sampling zones (soil sampling not included


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