Protected salads

We can supply a range of horticultural products for the professional glasshouse grower including:


Crop protection

Pesticides, fungicides, bio-pesticides, herbicides, molluscicides, wetting agents


Biological control agents, biostimulants, insect monitoring systems

Ancillary treatments

Glass cleaners, disinfectants, virucides, water treatment products, boiler treatments, heating pipe paint, disinfection mats


Nitric and phosphoric acid for pH adjustment and nutrition

Liquid shading products

Liquid shading and light diffusion coatings


Stone wool substrate, coir substrate

Fertilisers and nutrition

Soluble straight fertilisers, liquid fertilisers, iron chelates, trace elements


Black/white and dense white floor films, anti-condensate and conventional clear polythenes, gutter protection film, layflat CO2 tubing


White woven ground cover sheet, woven crop pull out sheets, fleece crop cover


Polypropylene, biodegradable twines, pre-wound tomato hooks

Electronic clipping systems

Tom-system clipping tools

Production accessories

Plant clips, truss supports, side shoot hooks, top hooks, string tensioners, fruit pruners, knives

Pipe rail crop work trolleys

Hydraulic trolleys, harvesting trolleys, sprayers

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