Helping you make the right decisions for you and your farm.

Agrovista’s comprehensive precision farming services aim to help you make the right decisions for you and your farm.

By integrating precision farming into everyday business, you can benefit from the added value this technology offers.

We keep things simple, helping you make informed precision farming decisions with clear data backed up by expert agronomist knowledge.

Although technology is sophisticated, this doesn’t need to be an overly complex or expensive addition to your farming practices.

Most importantly, it’s about working together to ensure you achieve the best margin possible for each field.

Navigate through our precision farming options to find out more, or speak to your local agronomist or precision specialist.

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As technology develops, ways of accessing the reams of data generated improves too. Precision farming does not have to be expensive or hard work. Our aim is to ensure you are well informed and able to receive the full benefits from your choice of services, regardless of how deeply you wish to delve.

Agrovista’s Precision department works extremely hard to make sure you have the tools available to progress your business and ultimately reduce costs, whilst maintaining or improving yield in the field.

The biggest hurdle for most growers is getting started. Asking yourself what you want from precision farming can help establish where to begin. To keep things as simple as possible the below chart gives a simple overview of the key elements to consider. 

Precision services

Starting the journey in the right place for you!

Yield data

Combine yield data is one of the most underutilised data layers on farm. This information can provide a critical check to compare and contrast the operations undertaken during the season, highlighting those approaches that have worked and pinpointing others that need further refinement.

GPS soil mapping

Obtaining accurate data on soil nutrients can help reduce input costs. On average up to 85% of farmers using variable rate P and K from GPS grid or zonal soil sampling save money. In addition, they also achieve useful environmental benefits by cutting out overapplication. Matching treatment to crop need can realise significant gains in profitability and performance.

Variable rate nitrogen

Nitrogen is vital to all arable crops. Using it as efficiently and effectively as possible using satellite imagery will maximise its value as well as crop output.

Field variation mapping

Field variation mapping is the new way of assessing a fields variability. We utilise a canopy cover assessment, normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) to analyse green vegetation/plant health, soil moisture assessments and other field parameters to provide a very accurate picture of field performance.

Other services and benefits

Helping you make the right decisions for you and your farm.

Variable rate seed mapping

The data gained from this type of sensing can be used for a very accurate variable rate seed map to improve yield on poorer areas but can also be utilised for placing soil samples for either variable rate P, K, Mg and pH or to place in-depth soil health analysis.

PCN sampling

Correct sampling is vital to successfully reduce the risk of potato cyst nematode. Operating on a 1ha grid map collecting 200g samples is the optimum technique, in line with AHDB guidance. Any other approach is not deemed sufficiently accurate. We can also sample for free-living nematode and tobacco rattle virus.

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