Weather stations and moisture sensors for optimal crop management

Our weather and soil moisture stations provide you with real-time weather insights in the palm of your hand.

Accurate weather and disease forecasts for precise IPM planning

On-the-minute weather data for on-the-go insights and decisions

Complete historical weather records for comprehensive farming analysis

Soil moisture probe data and deficit irrigation forecasting for efficient irrigation management

An essential tool

  • Live data available from the office or on your phone
  • Alerts and warnings for frost conditions
  • Predictive models for crop disease management
  • Make informed and timely management decisions from accurate data
  • Weather and spray opportunity forecasts
  • Growing day degrees, GDH and CDD calculator
  • Expert support and backup service
  • Optimise use of inputs
  • View local rain from nearby sites

Rainfall, temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint

Rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint, windspeed and direction

Rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint, solar radiation, windspeed and direction

Make the right decisions based on the most accurate data available

  • Fully loaded with sensors to measure rainfall, temperature, humidity, windspeed, direction, solar radiation, soil temperature, EC and moisture
  • Includes tailored weather, spray, irrigation, and disease forecasts to enhance decision making and improve farm efficiency, enhance crop quality, and maximise yield
  • Includes full installation, maintenance, and first-class backup service
  • Fully adaptable solution - can be used to monitor conditions in open settings or covered fruit or veg crops