Agrovista fruit agronomists are specialists within their field.

As well as being fully qualified to BASIS and FACTS standards, they have a wealth of experience across all aspects of fruit production, including top and soft fruit, and viticulture.

Not only do they stay abreast of the latest developments within British fruit production, but through established international connections they offer customers a well-rounded and insightful view into the fruit industry globally. This includes potential customer knowledge exchange excursions, to learn from industry leaders including Wageningen University and Fleuren tree nurseries in the Netherlands.

Because they expect the unexpected, our fruit agronomists take challenges in their stride. Whether that’s an unknown pest or disease, or overcoming the latest regulatory change, the passion for their industry is clear.

Aside from being crop specialists, our fruit agronomists also have access to wider Agrovista services such as business support, weather and forecasting technology, soil health insight and crop input supply. This means that customers receive a full circle service built around their individual business goals.

fruit agronomist with blackberries

Growers Choice Interactive

The Agrovista fruit offering is tailored further through our online disease and pest forecasting service, Growers Choice Interactive (GCI).

GCI supplies continuously updated information to subscribers by utilising the latest computer modelling techniques. This ensures efficient, timely and effective use of plant protection products. With industry pressure to reduce residue levels ever increasing, GCI plays a key role in helping growers to take a renewed approach to sustainable crop protection.

Agrovista fruit agronomists are proud to work in partnership with customers, driving yield potential and helping you to understand the increasingly complex demands of legislation, as well as the constant flow of new product innovations, such as biocontrol and biostimulants.

Our comprehensive fruit product offer:

  • Crop protection inputs
  • Fertilisers
  • Biological controls
  • Pollinators
  • Coir growing media
  • Polythenes
  • Fleece
  • Ground cover
  • Troughs and pots for substrate systems
  • Crop support systems
  • Glasshouse cleaning and shading products
  • Water treatment products