Jane Ferries - Depot Supervisor

A day in the life

Who are you and what’s your role at Agrovista?

Hello, I am Jane Ferries and my current role within Agrovista is supervisor of the Newton Stewart Depot which is situated overlooking the Galloway Hills in South West Scotland. I started working with Agrovista three years ago and last autumn I accepted the new role of supervisor. Previously, for 22 years, I travelled round Dumfries & Galloway farms selling for an agricultural merchant - so I have a good working knowledge of the local area and farming practices. Outside of Agrovista, my rural life continues, enjoying our wonderful outdoors and supporting my husband who runs his own small agricultural contracting business.

What does your job typically involve?

I supervise the distribution, stock control and staffing, with help of my regional supply manager. The depot team consists of six staff, who contribute to all aspects of the day to day running of the depot, including deliveries, vehicle checks, orders, customer service and managing our warehouse. With the storage and dispatching of chemicals, often overseas, fulfilling important legal requirements and responsible practices are a part of my daily procedure. All this is aided with the most up to date software and technology, thus assisting my ability to communicate and process orders quickly and efficiently. Agrovista provide a variety of IT skills training, which allows remote working when required. I am still learning something new every day and enjoy the advantages it brings.

Agronomists, alongside our customers, play a major role in the business therefore it’s hugely important that, within my role, I make sure we fulfil our functions to a high standard and offer a dedicated support. This means forecasting specific stock requirements and ensuring on time delivery to the growers, often reacting to weather window opportunity. These jointly are key to meeting the seasonal demands. I pride myself on the high standard of service we offer and staying flexible to meet customer needs is crucial. It is also testing at times, but I thrive in a busy work place.

What's the best part of your job?

For me it’s all about people. Be it customers or work colleagues, I will always aim to please. Having a positive ‘can do’ attitude and supporting others has most certainly given me all the rewards to enjoy my job and I continue to strive to create an ideal working environment for everyone involved.

What’s most challenging?

No doubt, the weather. Our business is highly dependent on a reliable seasonal climate. Working and living within a rural area, where we have a huge variety of farming practises, is demanding for all involved and can be extremely stressful. However, I feel that supporting this industry, especially in trying climates, with the help of Agrovista, provides a clear future for farming and an invaluable lifeline for those who are striving to put food on our table