Improve performance of re-used coir with biostimulant


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Improve the performance of re-used coir by applying a targeted biostimulant that revives substrate and stimulates plant root growth.

Fortafol-D® from Koppert UK contains humic and fulvic acids and is ideally placed to support healthy growth in newly transplanted strawberry plants.

It works by actively supporting a plant’s root zone, encouraging root growth, cell activity and mineral uptake during the critical early development stage.

The product has also been shown to kick-start the productive status of a spent or stale substrate, useful for when re-using substrate after intensive cropping. 

Head of Fruit at Agrovista, Mark Davies said: “Substrates such as Botanicoir are produced to a high standard which enables them to be used repeatedly over several seasons. But with time, changes take place which mean the coir will contain many different substances and microorganisms that alter its productive potential.

“By using Fortafol-D in combination with Botanicoir, growers not only enhance the performance of re-used coir, but also support the growth of new plantings and give them an early season boost.”

In encouraging root growth, Fortafol-D improves a plant’s access to water and nutrition, ensuring that replanted crops get off to the very best start. 

Not only does this support health and resilience which is fundamental to productivity, but it is a widely accepted concept that a plant in healthy condition may also be less prone to disease.

Adrian Jackson, Consultant for Koppert UK said: “Fortafol-D is a unique biostimulant that has a positive influence on various key physiological processes in a plant. 

“Research has shown that plants respond in a matter of hours, with root growth and stress recovery often evident in a matter of days. 

“Furthermore, Fortafol-D provides humic acid enrichment to the substrate which favours the development of beneficial microorganisms, shifting the microbial balance away from species which contribute to the formation of a stale substrate”.

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