Crop safety is paramount in high value root veg


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Don't compromise crop safety despite difficult conditions, is the message for root crop growers looking to maximise yield potential. 

Sensitive, high value crops combined with one of the most limited portfolios of crop protection products in the industry, means specialist knowledge is key in ensuring return on investment.

Agrovista agronomist Ashley Cooley specialises in carrots and parsnips and believes that although veg crops can be challenging, they also offer growers valuable diversity within rotations. 

Ashley said: “For some, this could be their first year growing commercial root veg, due to a need to vary crop rotations and an increased interest in British produce. 

“But unlike other crops, root veg especially parsnips, can be very sensitive. We have to strike a balance between pushing the boundaries to do something differently, and protecting the crop from phytotoxic damage.

“And this year hasn’t been easy - we have so few crop protection products available, the weather hasn’t been kind and pest pressure has rocketed. All the while ensuring that we support our customers through to a successful harvest. As agronomists we cannot afford to take unnecessary risks.”

One customer who fully supports Ashley’s approach to crop safety is Mark Headley from Bridge Farm in Selby. Farming 400 acres of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and red beet, the business supplies a range of food service markets across the country. 

Mark has worked with Agrovista for around seven years and believes it’s Ashley’s specialist knowledge that makes the difference.

Mark said: “Despite everything that’s been thrown at us this year, we’ve managed to grow a successful crop of parsnips which is quite remarkable. 

“Ashley takes the ever-changing weather in his stride, adapting his recommendations accordingly whilst ensuring crop safety is number one. 

“The crop has been under high levels of stress this year but by working together and placing trust in Ashley’s specialist knowledge we have got there. What he knows is second to none.”

The feeling is mutual for Ashley, who believes their collaborative relationship has been the key to successful crops year on year.

Ashley added: “It takes a shared vision on both parts and Mark has been excellent when we’ve needed to adjust a programme due to external factors. We enjoy walking fields together through the season, to make sure we have a robust plan. 

“The farm’s sprayer operator Sam Dillcock also provides invaluable support, ensuring timings are spot on and applications well-executed. 

“Together we have a shared goal of protecting our high value root crops and understanding their unique challenges to ensure we can continue to feed our home nation.” 

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Mark Headley - Bridge Farm , Selby

Ashley  Cooley - Agrovista Agronomist