Trainee East Anglian agronomist is ready for the challenge


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Trainee East Anglian agronomist is ready for the challenge

Agrovista UK has announced the appointment of Milo Dring as a trainee agronomist in East Anglia, where he will work alongside some of the most experienced agronomists in the industry.

Milo was awarded a bursary in 2017 from the Felix Cobbold Trust to study agricultural science at the University of Nottingham.

After four years studying, including a work placement year with Alltech, he graduated with a first-class honours degree and has now landed what he describes as a ‘great career opportunity’ with Agrovista.

“I have always had a broad interest in agriculture,” said Milo. “I’ve worked in the poultry, dairy and arable industries - which helped me to decide on what area I specifically wanted to go into. 

“I realised that I kept coming back into arable, where the science of crop production took my interest. Agrovista is a perfect fit in this respect.”

Milo will now train for a BASIS qualification, which will enable him to become a qualified agronomist.

“It is a great opportunity to learn directly from some very knowledgeable people; to see how they navigate the process from manufacturer to farmer in a cost effective and sustainable manner.”

Milo will be operating predominately between Suffolk and Norfolk. He admits there will be challenges along the way, but says there is also a lot to look forward to.

“I feel that the reduction in available chemistry will prove to be one of the biggest challenges, with environmental regulations becoming stricter each year,” he said.

“I’m particularly looking forward to watching a crop grow from start to finish alongside an agronomist, as they explain each decision and result of their chosen applications.

“I’m also excited about the prospect of travelling to Lincoln, which is where the BASIS training will be,” continued Milo. “There will be lots of other students and trainees on the same level, all coming together to train and to help each other learn.

“This is a great career opportunity, and I am looking forward to what the future holds.”