New regional managers help strengthen Agrovista’s seed offer


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Agrovista Seeds has appointed two seed specialists to help meet increasing demand from growers looking for technical expertise and advice.

Eastern seed sales manager James Barlow has taken on responsibilities for the East Midlands, East Anglia and the East, whilst northern seed sales manager Marc Lanham is looking after Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland.

James grew up on an arable farm in Nottinghamshire and gained a degree in Agriculture at Lincoln University. He joins Agrovista after more than eight years with Gleadell/ADM Agriculture where he rose through the ranks to become head of seed.

Marc gained an HND in Agriculture at Bishop Burton College. After creating a successful business as a self-employed contractor providing agricultural labour and services throughout Holderness, he joined Nickerson (LG UK) as a seed specialist in 2011 and was promoted to northern seed manager six years later.

Agrovista Seeds’ portfolio includes cereals, oilseeds, maize, grass, and cover crop/environmental stewardship mixes.

Wheat, barley and oilseed rape varieties are assessed from Recommended Lists and breeders’ lines so recommendations can be tailored to suit growers’ particular needs. Agrovista’s current wheat offer, for example, contains a shortlist of just 10 of the technically best varieties.

James says: “Our main role is working with Agrovista’s agronomists, who are trusted first points of call for many of our growers. We supply those agronomists with key information to help customers make the best variety choices for their farms without having to go through what can be a laborious decision-making process.

Image of James

Head and shoulder image of Marc Lanham

“With cereals and oilseed rape, we offer a mix of the best mainstream varieties and our own exclusives, based on our rigorous testing regime over several seasons and a range of growing conditions.

“Agrovista is not afraid to give it a go, putting money behind these varieties, and it is an area we want to build. For example, we now have the highest yielding spring barley on the RL.”

Consistency is key when it comes to variety choice, says Marc. “We look for traits that have the best chance of delivering a predictable outcome in terms of target yields and quality, reducing variability to a minimum.

“But we are not just a supplier of seed. We work with growers to get the best from the varieties they choose, through site selection, seed rates, drilling dates and input management.

“Our agronomists have a great reputation on farm and the potential to add value to growers’ businesses is enormous. We have all the business and technical expertise we need to drive Agrovista Seeds forward and gain the market share it deserves.”