Weather station plant protection - 2g 3g GSM or 4g (NB-IOT)

Professional ag-met weather station to measure, rainfall, temperature, humidity, leaf wetness.

  • Built with rugged materials and long-lasting sensors, our weather and soil moisture probe stations are the most durable on the market, providing accurate long-term weather data
  • Provides accurate weather data from any location all year round
  • Includes high quality tipping bucket rain gauge
  • Air temperature, humidity and leaf wetness sensors
  • Forecast pests and diseases in a wide range of crops
weather station plant protection

All data is available on your PC, smartphone or tablet

  • View live weather data from your own weather stations placed in your fields
  • Reduce field visits
  • Protect your crops - live alerts from sensors by e-mail, SMS, or phone call
  • Use disease models as part of IPM
  • Analyse past weather events
  • Backed up by expert advice and support from your local agronomist
weather station data from agrovista weather station plant protection