Wireless sensor network

Deploy multiple soil moisture sensors, temperature sensors, or water meters around your farm or remote blocks of land. Monitor the conditions, control valves, fine-tune irrigation, and farm activities 24/7.

  • Built with rugged materials and long-lasting sensors, our weather and soil moisture probe stations are the most durable on the market, providing accurate long-term weather data
  • Between 1-20 km range between nodes
  • Wide range of sensors available including Air Temperature, Humidity, Windspeed & Direction, Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Soil EC, Water Level, Water Pressure, Water EC & PH
  • Solar-powered wireless valve controllers available for solenoid valves
  • All data and control made available on mobile, PC or tablet
  • Reliable, accurate, and high-quality system
  • Suitable for blocks of fields or poly-tunnels at remote locations
wireless sensor network icon in blue