Weather and forecasting

We offer an invaluable range of tools to help you work with the weather and plan your farming activities

Improved decision making whatever the weather

In recent years, the UK has experienced the extremes of mother nature, whether that be severe flooding, or persistent drought. Seasons are no longer as distinct or predictable, so it’s time to adapt.

As uncertain as the weather is, one thing is certain – it cannot be controlled. But despite this, businesses must continue to function to the best of their abilities, come rain or shine. Whether that’s maintaining the country’s food production, or supporting the tourism sector, finding ways to work with the weather is pivotal in ensuring business profitability.

The world’s resources are finite. With around 70% of global water used for agriculture and food production, there is increasing pressure on growers to use water more effectively. As well as exercising sustainable environmental practice, good water management also helps to maximise yields and improve business efficiency.

Here at Agrovista, we ask the question - how can we prepare ourselves to make the most of the weather that does come our way? We firmly believe the answer is technology. By using the latest forecasting and monitoring tools, you can work with the weather to plan your farming activities and stay one step ahead.

Improve the agility of your business and give it a fighting chance by implementing our five ways to work with the weather. Pick and choose depending on your type of business.

Weather stations

Agrovista solar powered GPRS weather stations are ideal for any business looking for high-quality weather data from any location. 

The stations can measure the following - rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed/direction, soil temperature and evapotranspiration.

Disease risk reports can also be generated to support input decision making for farm or amenity use.

Notifications can be created at any threshold to alert of critical conditions such as frost, heavy rainfall or high wind.

Data is available in near-real time for any PC, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

Includes installation. Additional service contracts are also available.

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Soil moisture probes and sensors

Measure rainfall and soil moisture at multiple depths and temperatures with a range of customisable sensor options from Agrovista.

Near-real time data is displayed in easy to interpret graphics to aid decision making and improve water management.

Suitable for monitoring root vegetable, potato and fruit crops. Additional probes available for covered crops.

Network linked to the Agrovista weather stations and can be used alongside forecasting options for coordinated planning.

Additional services

By using the latest forecasting and monitoring tools you can work with the weather to plan your farming activities and stay one step ahead.

Our weather forecasting and disease modelling help you to optimise your spray windows and enhance your plant protection timings.

Our wireless irrigation control enables you to monitor and control your irrigation services remotely.

Growers Choice Interactive is a web-based, pest and disease service that uses the latest computer modelling techniques to ensure effective use of plant protection products in fruit.

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