KryptoN controlled release nitrogen fertilisers are based on urea formaldehyde controlled release nitrogen either alone or in cbelended with key macro and trace elements. They are highly efficient foliar fertilisers, with excellent crop safety, resistant to wash off by rain and low leaching.

KryptoN fertilisers can be used on a wide range of arable, fruit and horticultural crops and amenity grass.

KryptoN is an easy to use liquid nitrogen fertiliser that has excellent crop safety and does not crystalise like foliar urea solutions. Containing urea formaldehyde polymers of different chain lengths which degrade at different rates they release nitrate over a period of time enabling controlled release fertilisation. Chloride: 114, Potassium Nitrate 73, Ammonium Sulfate 69, DAP34, Ammonium Nitrate 104, UAN 64, Urea 75,4, KryptoN 5.


Key benefits

  • 5-7 times more efficient than standard fertilisers/li>
  • Controlled release nitrogen
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Low leaching potential
  • Resists rain wash off

Pack sizes

  • 10l, 20l, 200l, 1000l