Soil moisture stations and sensors


Measure rainfall and soil moisture at multiple depths and temperatures with a range of customisable sensor options from Agrovista.

Agrovista soil moisture probes provide site-specific soil moisture information in near real-time at 10cm levels in the soil as well as capturing irrigation and rainfall.

The captured data is available in real time and can be accessed on your pc, mobile phone, or tablet via our web app which provides easy to interpret graphics to aid decision making and improve water management.

In addition real-time alerts are provided by e-mail, sms or phone call.

Suitable for monitoring root vegetable, potato, and fruit crops. Additional probes are available for covered crops.

The soil moisture probes are network linked to the Agrovista weather stations and can be used alongside forecasting options for coordinated planning.

The data enables more efficient irrigation timing and helps optimise the yield and quality of your crops

blue circle with soil moisture probes and sensor products written in white text

Easy to view data

soil moisture graph showing the changes in soil moisture throughout the year