Project Lamport

A practical spotlight on soil health

Our flagship trial site

Project Lamport is Agrovista’s flagship trial site situated in Daventry, east midlands. Established more than five years, Lamport has evolved to explore the topical issues that matter to British growers.

Originally, Lamport began life as an investigation into the effectiveness of cultural control methods in tackling prevalent grass weed, blackgrass. Having successfully achieved its objective, the site has now progressed into a showcase for soil health, and the role that it plays in successful crop production.

Evolution of Project Lamport

Lamport began life as a trial for spring wheat, but following grower requests, the site now grows spring barley and spring oats.

As grass weeds at the site are currently under control, the current focus for the trial is measuring the impact crops and associated systems have on soil health.

The ultimate aim for Lamport is to revert back to winter cropping, whilst incorporating cover cropping and spring cereals. By identifying sustainable and practical solutions to achieve this, it’s hoped the site will continue to provide growers with valuable insight.

Each year, Agrovista invites customers, partners and contacts to an open day at Lamport to view the results of our latest trial work. Operating with honesty and integrity enables Agrovista to do this, and provides an opportunity to remain connected to our customers.