Weather forecasting and disease modelling

Weather forecasting

Plan ahead with tailored location-specific weather forecasts to help optimise your spray windows and improve treatment timings. 

Available in a range of budget-friendly options for PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Our web app is post-code based, using a variety of crop models to predict disease events and suitable spraying opportunities.

Or, receive a daily forecast for your area via e-mail. This is available in standard or Xtra versions – Xtra calculates a disease risk forecast for the following five days based on your own weather station data.

agronomist inspecting a weather station

Disease modelling

Agrovista can also provide a disease modelling Decision Support System (DSS) to further enhance your plant protection product timings.

Our systems enable you to be both proactive and reactive to infection conditions, making informed decisions on the selection and application of products.

DSS are Based on data such as field location, crop growth and development, variety susceptibility and local infection sources.

These systems require access to reliable local weather data and are available for both arable and vegetable crops.