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We are launching a national wheat yield competition to help growers maximise crop potential by combining the best agronomic practices and innovative ideas.

The theoretical yield potential of wheat across the UK is about 20t/ha. But the average farm yield is approximately 40% of that figure. To help close the gap, the Yield Max competition will encourage entrants to push their crops harder than current farm practice, by examining key areas such as establishment, nutrition, disease control and bioscience and adopting appropriate agronomy.

There are several great national regional prizes on offer, but it's not just the winners who stand to gain. Judges will evaluate the economic and practical viability of the systems and pull the findings together to highlight best practices that can be readily implemented on farm to drive future crop output.




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1. Competition entry is open to all commercial wheat growers in the UK

2. All yield results will be corrected to 15% moisture content

3. Competition entry is via the above registration form

4. Crops entered must consist of a single winter wheat in the variety that is commercially available (as C1 or C2 seed) in the UK. Farm-saved seed is permitted

5. The biggest potential category winner will be judged on the best percentage improvement over the farms 5-year average wheat yield

6. Closing date for entries is 30th November 2018


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