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Agrovista leads the way in progressive, cost-effective nutrient management. Years of research and development along with a tailored product range means we can provide expert advice on this complex area, working to match your crop requirements to environmental needs and your carbon footprint.

Crops must receive adequate amounts of each nutrient to achieve optimum yields, however, we now need to be much more precise in targeting nutrition to crop needs to ensure we optimise the return on increasingly expensive inputs. Other influences were not considered a few decades ago and complicated decision making. Fertilisers, particularly nitrogen and phosphorous, are key contributors to pollution and the need to protect air, soils and water is now enshrined in legislation.

For all these reasons, we believe plant nutrition needs a radical rethink, backed up by the latest advice and appropriate tools, to ensure it meets the needs of crops, the environment and carbon reduction in a cost-effective manner.

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Think CNPK

We are no longer concerned only with NPK; we now need to think CNPK. If the carbon content of the soil is not right, then nutrition will be compromised.

For example, the optimum fungi:bacteria ratio in the soil for a typical UK arable rotation is around 0.7:1. However, most soils are much more bacteria dominated as a result of intense cultivations, synthetic chemistry and excessive use of manufactured nitrogen fertiliser.

Excessive bacterial blooms and associated high respiration levels can reduce soil carbon levels through carbon dioxide losses. Restoring soil carbon and balancing soil biology is therefore an essential part of long-term soil functionality and nutrient use efficiency.

Fertiliser - protect, replace, reduce

We have a range of products now available to growers to help fine tune nutrition and reduce its unwanted impacts.

Here are just a few examples. Replacing some late-season bagged nitrogen with foliar-applied, controlled-release nitrogen fertiliser can substantially reduce a crop’s environmental/carbon footprint.

Nitrification inhibitors slow down the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, reducing losses to water and air and helping to keep crop-available nitrogen in the soil for longer.

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Calfite Extra - Improve crop rooting 

Calfite Extra is a unique foliar nutrient complex designed to improve crop rooting and maximise nutrient uptake and utilisation from the soil.

  • Increases root and shoot development
  • Increase phosphorus use delivery
  • Increases soil microbial health and biomass
  • Enhance yield/crop

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Luxor - Maximise phosphorus delivery

Luxor PGA is an efficient nutrient-biostimulant product to help maximise the availability of phosphorus.

  • The very small particle size increases solubility and uptake
  • Increases root biomass
  • Increases fertiliser uptake
  • Increases nitrogen assimilation
  • Increases photosynthesis = increased CO2 fixation

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R-Leaf - Reduce air pollution

R-Leaf® is a ground breaking technology developed by Crop Intellect Ltd that captures atmospheric nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollutants and converts them to plant feed.

The technology is prepared into a suspension concentrate solution and is sprayed onto living plant surfaces.

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollution is broken down into nitrate which is absorbed by the plants as feed. This results in reduced air pollution and increased crop yield.

  • Environmental benefits
  • Reduced pollution
  • Cost effective
  • Increased crop yield

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Wholly K - Maximise potassium

Wholly K PGA is a unique potassium metabolite complex designed to deliver potassium via foliar application. Also includes L-PGA to improve nitrogen use efficiency.

Unium have joined the dots of potassium delivery with L-PGA to maximise the nitrogen use efficiency benefits with the potassium.

  • Maximise potassium delivery
  • Improve nitrogenuse efficiency
  • Increases leaf protection
  • Increases water use efficiency
  • Enhances yield/quality

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Phosta -Unlock soil phosphorus

Phosta is a proprietary, soil-applied agent that works to protect newly applied phosphate from soil lock-up and to release fixed forms of phosphorus present in the soil.

Its novel mode of action also improves the bio-availability of other essential plant nutrients.

  • Significantly improves P availability
  • Releases trace elements essential for plant growth e.g. copper, zinc, manganese, molybdenum etc
  • Improves plant growth
  • Can be applied with pre-em residuals
  • Phosta can provide benefits to crops grown on any P index soils
  • Easily tank mixed and compatible

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Instinct - Minimise nitrogen losses

Nitrogen is core to fulfilling a maize crop’s yield potential, but it is a balancing act. Too little and the crop’s yield will be limited; too much is not only uneconomical, but it has consequences for the environment.

  • Reduces nitrogen losses
  • Extends nitrogen availability
  • Limits greenhouse gas production

Two of the major factors that are important on getting the best return from maize crops:

  • Choosing the right variety for your circumstances
  • Providing your crop with adequate nutrition

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MZ28 - Take control 

MZ28 is a foliar applied controlled release nitrogen fertiliser, for use on feed wheat with sustainable long term benefits.

Research has shown that MZ28 helps in blackgrass and disease control levels and can be used with other products to enhance nitrogen utilisation.

The biggest benefit MZ28 can bring, is to help reduce the carbon footprint on farm.

Growers will be able to manage their N applications, maintain efficiencies and yield whilst improving soil health by providing help in:

  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Reduction in AN to protect soil health
  • Reduction in blackgrass levels
  • Reduction in disease levels

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Twoxo XL - Enhance nutrient use

Twoxo XL is a unique award-winning signalling molecule designed to increase nitrogen assimilation in plants and up-regulate photosynthesis.

  • Improved root and shoot mass
  • Increases nitrogen assimilation
  • Improved nutrient use efficiency
  • Increases soil microbial biomass

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