Hardy Mix - PCN reduction

Oilseed Radish, Ethiopian Mustard and White Mustard

Proven reduction of PCN with good levels of soil structure improvement and nutrient trapping capability.

Product information:

Hardy Mix is designed to reduce PCN levels whilst having a beneficial affect on soil structure. For autumn incorporation sow from the end of July to mid August. For spring incorporation sow from September onwards.

Treat as a commercial crop drilling into a clean seedbed and adding N:P:K as required.

Up to 90% of any applied nutrients will be available to the following crop.

Cover crop destruction guide:

Macerate crop ten days after flowering and immediately incorporate into the soil.

MixtureOilseed Radish, Ethiopian Mustard and White Mustard
Scottish EFA green cover compliant 2021Yes
Pack Size15 kg
Sowing Rate10 kg/ha
Sowing Depth15-25 mm

Sowing Date