Legume Pro

Berseem Clover, Phacelia and Common Vetch

Non-cereal catch crop utilising powerful deep rooting of berseem clover, shallower structuring from vetches and the soil conditioning from phacelia.

Product information:

Legume Pro is the ultimate catch crop to structure and condition the soil before planning late-sown cereals. Beware if previous spring crop treated with clopyralid. Check previous herbicide use.

Cover crop destruction guide:

Glyphostate should be applied 1-2 weeks pre winter wheat crop drilling the following crop.

MixtureBerseem Clover, Phacelia and Common Vetch
Scottish EFA green cover compliant 2021Yes
Pack Size20 kg
Sowing Rate10 kg/ha
Sowing Depth10-15 mm

Sowing Date