Early maturity maize

LiRoyal - Early maturity maize

  • LiRoyal is a first-choice variety on both the favourable and less favourable NIAB BSPB descriptive lists for 2022.
  • Maturity is within the FAO 180 range and is suitable for the vast majority of the UK maize growing area.
  • LiRoyal off ers the perfect balance of yield, quality and maturity to suit a wide range of applications.
  • Capable of producing more than 18 tonnes of dry matter and in excess of 6 tonnes hectare of starch, LiRoyal is the ideal choice for high performing livestock systems or as the early variety in a balanced energy maize portfolio.

P7326 - Early maturity maize

  • P7326 is now firmly established as a consistent performer over a range of soil types and geographical locations.
  • It has been the biggest selling variety in the UK for the past two years and benefi ts from early maturity and robust eyespot and fusarium tolerance.
  • For those looking for consistent yield and feed quality allied with good standing ability and early maturity P7326 is the perfect compromise.

SY Silverbull - Early maturity maize

  • SY Silverbull is a new variety from Syngenta currently in national list trials
  • Looking slightly earlier to harvest than SY Nordicstar and with good levels of dry matter and starch yields, SY Silverbull looks set to become a useful addition to the early forage and energy maize marketplace.
  • For growers looking for new genetics at a sensible price point this is certainly a variety worthy of consideration.
  • Limited seed availability for 2022.

To download the Agrovista 2022 maize brochure click here.