Medium maturity maize

SY Nordicstar - Medium maturity maize

  • SY Nordicstar from Syngenta continues to enjoy first choice variety status on the latest NIAB BSPB descriptive list.
  • High yields of starch and ME coupled with excellent cell wall digestibility create a truly versatile variety which has enjoyed considerable success in both forage and energy maize situations.
  • SY Nordicstar has class leading eyespot tolerance and exceptional resistance to fusarium, a vital factor when drilling wheat after maize.
  • As well as being ideally suited to the forage sector SY Nordicstar is perfect as the early variety in large scale energy maize situations.

Emblem - Medium maturity maize

  • Emblem is a high yielding, high feed value LGAN variety from Limagrain off ering top quality forage at an aff ordable price point
  • Emblem has an excellent quality profi le making it the perfect variety for those looking to maximise milk or beef production.
  • Enjoying high yields of starch, cell wall digestibility and ME, Emblem can be grown in most mainstream maize areas and is a very cost effective option for those looking to maintain quality without increasing costs.

P7034 - Medium maturity maize

  • P7034 has firmly established itself as a leading mid maturity hybrid in both forage and AD situations
  • Utilising high yielding “Dent” genetics in an earlier to harvest hybrid enables the variety to be grown in all but the most marginal of sites.
  • P7034 is a very robust plant type with exceptional eyespot and fusarium tolerance which also makes it suitable for grain maize production.
  • The genetic make up of P7034 makes it ideal for those growers looking to feed maize soon after ensiling without compromising starch availability.

SY Actual - Medium maturity maize

  • SY Actual features on the 2022 NIAB BSPB descriptive list and benefits from exceptionally high starch and ME levels
  • Suitable for both forage and energy maize production with very high dry matter yields for a medium maturity hybrid.
  • Prefers good maize growing ground but has performed well when gown under plastic film in more marginal areas.
  • SY Actual is a robust plant type with outstanding disease resistance and standing power making the variety suitable for the growing grain maize market.

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