Undersowing mixtures for maize

The benefits of under-sowing a cover crop into maize

  • Reduced nitrate leaching
  • Potential for improved digestate utilisation
  • Improve soil structure
  • Can help to reduce soil erosion
  • Improve organic matter levels
  • Can create winter grazing for livestock

Concerns around the environmental impact of growing a maize crop need to be taken seriously and treated as a matter of priority.

Future environmental legislation may well require that maize stubbles are protected from soil erosion and nutrient leaching by utilising cover crops. Establishing a cover crop after maize has been harvested, especially in a late season where weather conditions have deteriorated is a signifi cant challenge.

Undersowing the maize crop with a grass seed mixture designed specifically for that purpose has proved to be successful when done correctly. It is imperative to sow at the right time with the right species so the growing crop isn’t afftected.

TechniSward - Soil Max

Tall fescue plus
Tall fescue
Sow at 7.5 - 12.5kg per hectare

  • Specifically designed to being drilled at the same time as the maize crop (inter-row)
  • The slow growing tall fescue and tall fescue plus will help to suppress weed emergence
  • As the grasses mature along with the maize crop, the root mass will develop to help retain any residual nutrients which are left in the soil post harvest
  • The deep rooঞ ng grass species help to improve soil structure

TechniSward - Enviro Max

Tetraploid late perennial ryegrass
Tall fescue plus
Sow at 7.5kg - 12.5kg per hectare

  • An under-sown mix which is more suited to be sown inter-row once the maize has established and is at the 4-6 leaf stage
  • The inclusion of perennial ryegrass helps to ensure the quicker and more reliable establishment needed to survive in the growing maize crop
  • It is important that the grass has established before the maize canopy fully develops
  • Excellent ground cover postharvest with a fibrous root system for soil stabilisation
  • Capable of providing high quality winter grazing

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